Van has finished reading…Fearless by Tim Lott

5 Jan

Fearless by Tim Lott

Okay, so I realised that I’d picked up a kid’s book (early teens up I’d guess). Don’t imagine I mean this in a derogatory sense. I think I’d find it harder to set out to write a book for younger readers, and when a book works it can work at any age upwards of the target audience.

So this was an enjoyable read, and as an adult reader it caught me out in my perceptions. The characters are clearly defined and consistent but will not be unfamiliar to (older) readers, and the gist of the plot follows a convention (though of course that is true of virtually everything you’re likely to pick up to some extent.) But I was reminded of what I was like as a young teenager when things took a decidedly less than disneyesque turn. It moves quickly and easily and could well prompt some interesting thoughts or discussions, even for those younger readers.

Nicely done.


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