Van has finished reading…The Mathematics Of Love by Emma Darwin

9 Jan

The Mathematics Of Love by Emma Darwin

Some engaging imagery runs through this book, and to borrow a theme I’d say this book develops like a photograph as you read on. Most interesting for me was the idea of history as something distant and yet present, a place being like a palimpsest of all that’s occurred there. You could almost stretch out your hand and reach through the folds of time to touch it.

the title got me thinking too. Initially it chimes like an old joke: 1+1=3 and not 2. But when it’s 2-1 you end up with less than 1 don’t you.

One thing Emma Darwin seemed to do particularly well was know when to cut between one aspect of the story and another. I found myself undertaking the literary equivalent of shouting at the telly, so keen I was to know what would come next.

As with Byatt’s Possession, the characters from the past were keenly drawn, and I can well believe that lovers of Austen would find a friend in this book.

Very enjoyable.


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