Van has finished reading…Wish You Were Here by Graham Swift

30 Jun

Wish You Were Here by Graham Swift

Take a box of ordinary paper clips. Start looping them together into a long chain. Every now and then add an extra one that can hang down below the others. After a while pick your chain up and attach it to the corner of the room, then allow yourself a little smile when you raise the other end, only to discover that it reaches perfectly; that there’s a satisfying belly to the way it hangs.
 Repeat with the next chain and then start to attach your other chains to the seemingly superfluous little droppers you left here and there. Before long you’re grinning from ear to ear as each one, without any extraneous effort or design, fits perfectly.
  This is what Graham Swift does with ordinary words.

Of course there is design, and effort too, but the smiles are all mine. It’s a joy I seem to derive from Swift more than any other; this lifting of the moment when one of those deft connections is made. Even on a subject such as this I find him a joy to read.


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