Van has finished reading…The Night Rainbow by Claire King

13 Aug

Pea is a perfect protagonist. As idiosyncratic and relentlessly present as any child, I couldn’t help but feel for her. And that’s the key to why this book works for me. She appeals to the parent in us. She’s not only loveable, but she screams out for protection too. With every page turned I found myself crossing my fingers and hoping to God the myriad possibilities arising would pass her by. And all you can do is watch – and hope!

  If only life were that easy. I’m just glad I read on the commute home – I can blame the red eyes on tiredness.

There’s a knife-edge appeal to this very finely balanced book. I suspect it may be a bit marmite-esque in the responses it draws, and that’s all about Pea’s relentless voice. If you go with the voice you’ll love it. If you don’t…well. I happen to love it. I think it works in a very interesting way. It’s not (only) that Pea’s voice (and Margot’s too) is very distinct. It’s that it plays exclusively to our adult sensibilities. You have to care about Pea. You have to worry for her because if you don’t, who will?

I think Claire King has pulled off something quite special with Pea’s story. Give her a chance. She’s well worth the effort.


2 Responses to “Van has finished reading…The Night Rainbow by Claire King”


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    […] me say that you’ll enjoy Amandine and Baptiste easily as much as you enjoyed Pea and Margot in The Night Rainbow, Claire’s debut […]

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    […] sense of wry humour, and in the expertly rendered voice of Grace I’m reminded of Claire King’s The Night Rainbow. Like both of these books I can also say that my heart was just a little bit broken along the way. […]

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