Van has finished reading…The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

16 Sep

You could lift any one of the numerous anecdotal passages from this book and insert the words ‘true story’ after it, without causing the faintest flicker of an eyebrow. I once met a man who insisted – insisted – that you can dip a cup into Mother Ganges’s flowing waters and take a long, soothing drink. He simply would not, or could not accept that it would cure you of all ills – permanently. We shake our doomed western heads at the folly of it all – at the lies each side of the balance tell themselves to appease their state of being. Yet this is the way empires are built – and these are the people who build them. Though it clearly helps, power isn’t just money. Power is what you do with that money, and in many cases what you’re prepared to do to get the money to do it with, and then keep it.


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