Van has finished reading…The Year Of The Flood by Margaret Atwood

2 Oct

There’s something wistful about a sequel – any sequel – if you read it after the first in the series. The trouble is you can never approach it cold. It can never truly surprise you in the way the first book did; if it did surprise you it’s possible the surprise won’t be a happy one. You can’t help but bring your expectations with you. It’s like meeting a friend’s friend and really wanting to like them. After Oryx and Crake, which is one of the most enjoyably surprising books I’ve read, The Year Of The Flood had a lot to live up to.

I really like this friend of Oryx And Crake. It surprised me in the best way. It was different, but not too different. It shared my friend’s story, but from its own point of view. And it has a hymn that includes the word Australopithecus, which is bound to endear it to anybody who loves words.

We’re all here now, Oryx And Crake on one side, The Year Of The Flood on the other, our arms draped across each other’s shoulders. We’re waiting for one more friend of a friend to join us.


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