Van has finished reading…The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies

22 Nov

It’s no surprise that any good book you’ve read about the war isn’t actually about the war. Wars, after all, are never about the people caught up in them. But what more poignant landscape could you choose to raise the question of identity. From choosing (or not – who could really know?) to forget through to blindly believing to the point of delusion, it’s the question that rises again and again.

  Everything from the animals to the gender of nationalism comes under scrutiny, and whilst the enemy of my enemy isn’t quite the ticket, it’s clear that emotions are a partisan business. It’s a tale told tightly, and all the better for the lack of heroics – at least in the conventional sense of war stories. Above all, for me, the overriding question is how close we all are – in our own way – to sheep on a hillside, conditioned to believe what we do about who our friends, neighbours, enemies are.


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