Van has finished reading…Light Of Day by Graham Swift

19 Dec

Is it what we know that traps us, or drives us, or what we don’t? It’s the trouble with keeping something from someone: you become a slave to the knowledge, more so than that person in their ignorance of it (blissful or otherwise). And of course in the world of a private detective it’s the matrimonial work that dominates. But this is what it all comes down to: It’s the shades of knowledge, and the lack of freedom those boundaries impose that shape the way we live.

  It’s a lesson in relevance from a writer’s point of view. The telling of a lifetime in the space of a day necessarily touches only on what reflects, highlights or impacts the main thread of the story. The layering of moments reinforces that relevance, and acts like a ratchet on the tension too. Small wonder that a man whose livelihood is darkness and shadows longs ultimately for a crisp, cloudless November sky and the titular clear light of day.


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