Van has finished reading…the Inheritors by William Golding

24 Apr

Quite simply, this is an astonishing book. I can see why he is known for Lord Of The Flies (it is a fantastic book!), but it’s a travesty that the Inheritors is not second on the list of titles that trip from the tongue – a tragedy that so often there is no second title to trip from the tongue. I’m weighing up whether I like The Inheritors more.
Like Lord Of The Flies, we feel our way into the story, clinging to points of reference to get a handle on what it is Golding is showing us. But unlike Lord of the Flies, it’s the characters we feel our way into, rather than the scene. And it’s a stroke of genius. Golding presents us with an astoundingly well-conceived impression of a burgeoning mental process – of logic, communication and understanding beginning to mesh. In doing so he endears these characters to us so that we’re there with them. We are with them in their myriad emotions, and in their struggle to understand that inner life. We may have more words with which to tackle it today, but I wonder whether we’re really any closer.
This story shows us the base of all our instincts, strips back every strategy we lay against our fear, our need, our desire, and presents us with a wholly plausible – and effortlessly engaging – origin story. Read it. You will not be disappointed.


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