Van has finished reading…Only We Know by Karen Perry

27 Nov

The set-up for Karen Perry’s Only We Know is fine: The game has no name; the game is the game; the game is pulling and pushing and laughing; but the game ends in silence; then the screaming starts. A shocking secret forged one summer. A lifetime spent running from it. There’s a child’s kite in red set against a sky bleached grey – a suggestion of blood spilled. Something happens when Luke, Nick and Katie are children that will stay with them always.
So why didn’t I feel it? It must be something about thrillers that just doesn’t sit with me. Is it all about the big reveal? If it’s a whodunit then you’re waiting for that point where you discover you’re right, or you’re stunned at how wrong you are. It must be the same when it’s a whathappened – when characters pick apart the threads or put together the pieces of the past until finally the picture is clear. With this book I almost wish I could go back and read it without the prologue. Such a big part of the wondering what happened, for me at least, was taken out right there. The possibilities are limited and that seems like an opportunity lost.
One of the real joys of being in a book group is that you’re going to read books you would not have discovered through your own habits. Sometimes it’s a real surprise, sometimes not. But that’s why you have the group. Someone else will love it. Someone else will tell you why they love it and you can talk about how you enjoyed the landscape the story moved through; how the setting worked; how the plotting appeared quite meticulous; how when those little twists came you could appreciate their effect on the whole.
I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with the book, it just didn’t work for me. Sorry, Karen.

Only We Know was published on 2nd July 2015 by Penguin ISBN:9780718179601

You can find Karen Perry on Twitter @KarenPerryBooks


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