Van has finished reading… City Of Circles by Jess Richards

28 Aug


A circus troupe, a magical city and a secret in a locket. Really, what more could you want? Jess Richards’ City Of Circles is a glorious tale of otherness, outsiders, connection and belonging. A quiet one (and you know how much I like those!), it’s tense and heart-breaking, deeply emotional. There’s a dark beauty to it, exquisitely echoed in the gorgeous cover design by William Speed (@wrmspeed).


One thing I found refreshing about City Of Circles is that it takes its time. Sometimes fiction seems overly focused on coming into a scene late and getting out early, but Jess Richards lets her story dwell. Yes, it could be shorter, and I think it could be shorter without losing impact but there’s nothing flabby about this book. A treat is what it is, simply a little more of what you fancy, the writing sumptuous and sensual.

  The world of City Of Circles feels more inhabited than imagined with a wise blend of the extraordinary and the quotidian. Its quirkiness is never overstated nor explained, and certainly never excused with such trivialities as odd or archaic spellings. What I’m left with is a sense of something layered, far deeper than mere location, something that doesn’t necessarily carry a meaning but that suggests possibilities. Something I can (and will) think about after that final page.

  The atmosphere Jess Richards invokes, particularly in the first chapter is exceptional. It’s quite breathless. The writing holds you and the sense of proximity is almost claustrophobic – a lesson to anyone who thinks you need a first person narrative to really feel close to a character. As to the cast, it’s surprising to realise just how few main characters the whole thing hangs on. The emotional connection the author invokes with Danu, the protagonist, is exceptional. I simply can’t imagine someone picking up this book and not feeling for her, rooting for her.

  I don’t think I’ve ever been so torn about an ending. Do I love it? Yes, and no. For me, it could have stopped three pages early and it would’ve been perfect. But there’s no mania for tidiness in those last words. There are still questions left hanging, and a life beyond the end to ponder.


Strange, poetic, gripping and emotional, it’s hard not to see Jess Richards’ City Of Circles ending up on prize shortlists, and a good many top tens come the end of the year. There’s a very good chance it’ll be on mine.



City Of Circles was published by Sceptre on 10th august 2017 isbn: 9781473656680


You can find Jess on Twitter @jessgrrl or at her website


My thanks to Ruby Mitchell for allowing me to review this book 


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